A Fantastic Weekend at Snug Harbor, NC

August, 2003


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Lunch stop at Tangier Island on the Chesapeake Bay



Friday:  we stopped for lunch on the way from DC to Snug Harbor. Above are: Tangier Airport; Bridge into the town; The Fisherman's Corner restaurant where the menu includes tidbits about the island; and some shots of Phil's Cessna.  Phil obliged the photographer with a kick-the-tire test before take-off.  (For history buffs: more on Tangier Island)


Fishing, Gumbo, and hush puppies at the Fox cabin


On Sunday we fished for our supper.  Here is Marlene with her first catch and Ron removing fish hooks.  Marlene and Mary made the Gumbo and Phil fried the fish and hush puppies. 




















Early Morning Light


Here are various shots of the Fox "cabin" and environ early Monday morning.  That's the Yeopim River in the background.

























Flight back to DC



Monday morning:  Pilot Phil did the flight planning at 7 AM; Co-pilot Marlene got us through the clouds.